Student quotes - Advanced General Dental Practice (Distance)

Felipe Arias, The learning materials are simple to understand and very interesting. I can see you dedicated special care in gathering all this information. I watched the lectures and they've really changed my mind. I feel I made the right decision joining this course. Also you are providing an excellent way to keep in touch with the rest of students. Overall I would say I'm very happy with the course. I can see you've spent lot of time and dedication. I appreciate all the interest and willingness that has been expressed regarding our adaptation on the course.
English is not my first language. However I’ve found all lectures easy to understand. I honestly think this course is perfect the way it is, offering students a wide variety of important topics. I’m very pleased for this opportunity of sharing your experience, which will make it possible for many dental professionals, like me, to have the advantage of a quality education.

Charlotte Corcoran, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way [dental clinical photography] has been taught. It has been truly excellent, detailed and in a logical progression. The dental anatomy lectures have been the same, logical detailed, easy to follow.

Stella Rui, I have found the course really interesting so far. It made me do many things I would have never done otherwise and discovered new areas that I am interested in.

Malgorzata Popiel, This course is a big challenge and a great experience for me!
It feels as though I am entering a new stage in my professional life. The quality of the lectures in terms of presentation, clarity and content is excellent. I do enjoy them! The fact that I can do it any time of week and day ( ... night) is also relevant here. A great aspect of this forum is that our posts with questions/queries are automatically available to everyone from MSc team. The feedback we receive is possibly more comprehensive than if we were limited to one-to-one contact.

Patrick O.Connor, I have found the discussion forum to be an excellent method of communication with the entire group.There is a logical method to the threads. It is much more efficient than sending 25 + emails. 
I have to date found the entire website and the acedemic/technical support to be excellent in nature. I have found participation in MSc programme to be an enjoyable experience and it is playing a significant role in developing my career as a general dental practitioner.

Sarah French, I have been surprised by how much I have been enjoying the course, especially the dental anatomy. And as for the drawings- my poor family lost me for the whole of Sunday as I was having such fun drawing posterior teeth. Who would have thought it! I have found the discussion forums incredibly useful on the MSc. It allows us to communicate with each other (whereever we are in the world), share thoughts and ideas and ask questions, no matter how daft, knowing that someone else probably had the same query. It's very non threatening and I think it encourages open conversation. I think that possibly the mix of students and teachers is particularly good for this course, as everyone seems quite relaxed about posting and no one is trying to impress. I am sure it might not suit all groups, but in this instance I think it has been a huge advantage. It certainly makes a distance learning course feel close to home.