BMedSc Clinical Science Quotes

Stuart William Smith "I found the intercalated degree to be pivotal for my future career. I am now a Wellcome Trust clinical training fellow completing the final year of my PhD. I have published a number of papers since graduating most recently in April this year as first author, indeed I achieved several second and 3rd author publications as part of my intercalation. My intention is a career in academic nephrology"

Tania Pawade, "I am now a cardiology registrar.  I believe my intercalation has been instrumental in every step of my career success thus far.  The odds of getting a cardiology number were 21:1 and my intercalation and the publication that resulted from it was my trump card. I am therefore a strong advocator for intercalation."

Anna Gao, "The intercalating experience was fantastic and really helped me with my subsequent job applications and research opportunities. I have found the intercalating degree invaluable in helping me gain experience in the lab & research. It also gave me the opportunity to build upon my CV to gain further research experience."

Devika Chaudhri, "My intercalation year in clinical sciences was based in the microbiology lab at Heartlands Hospital. The off-campus experience was a fantastic learning opportunity in the company of dedicated research professionals. The lectures were insightful and thought provoking since they highlighted research into cutting edge fields. Finally, I made a bunch of new friends from different years and the socials were really awesome!!"

Shivani Kesbekar, "The course really changed the way I think about clinical medicine and made me determined to follow an academic career. I'm delighted that I was successful in winning a Clinical Training Fellowship from the Medical Research Council in 2013."