Future Vision - Leadership in an interdependent world

There has never been a stronger need for adaptive leadership that crosses boundaries. We live in an increasingly complex, interdisciplinary world. Unprecedented financial pressures on public, private and voluntary sectorshave combined with ever-higher expectations of outcomes, making effective leadership of organisations all the more pivotal.

The Programme

Every year, 20 Leaders and Chief Executives from different sectors – public, private and voluntary – come together to work on their system leadership challenges as a way of learning and developing together. The programme, a collaboration between the Birmingham Leadership Centre and the Leadership Centre, combines input from nationally and internationally renowned experts in systemic aspects of leadership with opportunities for conversations with practitioners who are making change happen on the ground.

Participants also have access to one-to-one professional mentoring between residential blocks to help them explore their own leadership profile and identify their own personal development needs. During the main residential blocks, participants work alongside each other, collectively pooling their experience to co-develop solutions to individual problems.

The programme is designed to create learning in four domains, helping leaders develop the specific capabilities associated with systems leadership:

  • Personal development
  • Relational capability
  • Socio-political understanding
  • Systemic thinking

Each year’s Future Vision programme is different. We seek out the best leadersin their fields, and they each define which leadership challenges they wish to focus on, which in turn informs which experts we invite to contribute to that year’s programme. Each year’s programme content is thus tailored to the needs of its participants.

The highly acclaimed Future Vision Programme is a collaboration between the Leadership Centre and the University of Birmingham’s Leadership Institute, delivering better outcomes across all sectors.

What previous participants have said about the programme

‘You tap into knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise come across’.

‘I’m amazed at how much we cover in just the first 24 hours –and really excited about what we can do in a week, a month, or a year’.

‘It’s really opened my eyes to the bigger picture, and the emerging world we’re working in. Without a doubt the best training ormentoring programme I have ever done’.


‘I found Future Vision to be a profoundly transformational experience, and there is no doubt in mymind that I wouldn’t have made the jump to leading the organisation that I now lead today without it.’

‘I’ve found thatit’s a great forum to unburden myself in. I’m surrounded by leaders facing very similar sets of problems to me – but as none of themwork in my sector, it’s a very non-competitive atmosphere where you can be totally frank in a way that you can’t always be with your immediate colleague’.

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, please contact Mark Dalton at mark.dalton@leadershipcentre.org.uk.