Strategy, Planning and Resources Committee

Strategy, Planning and Resources Committee (SPRC) is responsible for the oversight of the strategic planning of the University. It brings together academic, financial and physical planning and scrutinises business plans for major activities. The Committee also recommends the annual budget and long-term forecasts to the Council and monitors the performance of the University.

Membership 2020/21



Term of Office
(to 31 July -
unless otherwise stated)

Vice-Chancellor and Principal (Chair)

Professor Sir David Eastwood



Mr Mervyn Walker


Deputy Pro-Chancellor

Mr Richard Haywood



Mrs Caragh Merrick


Provost and Vice-Principal

Professor Tim Jones


Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research & Knowledge Transfer)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and head of College

Professor Kathy Armour

Professor Tim Softley

Professor Laura Green


Two academic members of Council elected by Council

Professor Una Martin

Professor David Hannah



Three lay members of Council elected by Council

Dame Lin Homer

Mr Steve Hollis





The President of the Guild of Students

Ms Tobiloba Adeyemi



Terms of Reference

i. To advise Council on the Corporate Strategy for the University, embracing all matters of long-term, medium-term and short-term planning for all aspects of the University. To ensure the alignment of all aspects of the University's strategy and planning, in relation to academic, financial, physical and human resource planning.

ii. To monitor the achievement of Corporate Strategy.

iii. To recommend to Council the University's annual budget, including the distribution of resources between academic and non-academic areas; and between capital, estates and infrastructure, recurrent staff and non-staff costs.

iv. To oversee the development and implementation of systems of institutional performance monitoring and to monitor progress towards achievement of institutional targets. To ensure that risk is appropriately integrated into strategic planning. To ensure effective systems of management and accountability within the University.

v. To keep in review the policies of the University as an employer of staff and to make recommendations to Council for change in matters of substance or principle. To approve conditions of employment as delegated by Council. 

vi. To monitor strategic risks relevant to the work of the Committee as determined by the Strategic Risk Register.

vii. To monitor the extent to which value for money is achieved within the areas under the Committee's oversight.

viii. To monitor relevant Key Performance Indicators and to ensure that any concerns with performance against these KPIs are addressed.

Dates of Meetings

Strategy, Planning and Resources Committee currently has six business meetings during each academic year.


22 September 2020
3 November 2020
13 January 2021
3 March 2021
11 May 2021
15 June 2021

Contact Details

Ms Colette McDonough
Assistant Secretary
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 6373