Introducing our Birmingham Graduate Attributes

Thursday 11:00-12:00 

Lilian Nash, Laura Powell, Matt Edwards, Deborah Longworth & Sarah King   

Mode: Online 
Platform: Zoom 

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What are the Birmingham Graduate Attributes and how can they enhance our students’ experience?

In recent years, many universities have expressed their commitment to an inclusive, socially engaged vision of higher education, and in helping students to develop ‘graduate attributes’ and ‘21st-century skills’; i.e. qualities regarded as necessary to navigate and contribute to a rapidly changing society. To reflect this, our Birmingham Graduate Attributes have been revised and are being relaunched, and we have worked with students and graduates to shape this.

At this session we’ll present the refreshed Birmingham Graduate Attributes, share student and graduate insights, unveil new visuals, and explain how we feel this will be beneficial for our students in the future and support the delivery of the education pillar of our 2030 strategy.

This introduction to our refreshed Birmingham Graduate Attributes will be relevant to academics and Professional Services colleagues across the institution. We believe Graduate Attributes are present within the curriculum and in the other academic and extracurricular experiences that we provide, and aim to support further integration and identification of them in the future.