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13 January 2020

MicroCPD: Assess your Academic English

Richard Nickalls from the BIA talks about how international students can receive immediate support for their academic English and receive signposting to the various services available, through Canvas.

09 December 2019

MicroCPD: Curriculum Futures

Danielle Hinton discusses whether our traditional approach to curriculum design is fit for purpose, and advocates for robust evidence-based learning designs.

25 November 2019

Canvas accessibility

Find out how you can make your Canvas content accessible and where to go for Canvas accessibility guidance and support.

25 November 2019

MicroCPD: Sprint Forward

Dan Reynolds talks about 'Sprint Forward' project', that used the 'design sprint' concept to address real challenges facing UoB, and gave students an opportunity to enrich and develop their employability skills.

31 October 2019

Canvas and Web Accessibilty

Canvas and web accessibility guide in line with new legislation 'Web Accessibility Regulations' which came into effect on 23rd September 2019.

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