Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Suitable for:

(1) those who have, or expect to have, a teaching, training, tutoring or laboratory-demonstrating role

(2) anyone at UoB with an interest in teaching and learning

This Introduction to Learning and Teaching (ILT) in Higher Education is ideal for those who are time-poor. It offers a range of topics via Canvas courses that can stand alone and each take up to three hours. Each course on this programme addresses a core aspect of teaching and supporting learning and includes theory as well as practical tips.

The programme is useful for new teachers and those who want a refresher on a particular topic. The eight topics include Teaching International Students, Lecturing, and Principles of Assessment and Feedback. Note that PGTAs are required to take ILT001, the introduction, before starting to teach, as well as another course from the programme.

Please note that these courses are not accredited.

Further information can be found here (internal page).