Open Classroom initiative

Suitable for: The Open Classroom is an optional, internal and informal professional development initiative for academic and professional service staff at the University of Birmingham.

Taking part in the Open Classroom will provide participants a safe space to develop and enhance their teaching practice. If you choose to take part in the initiative you will be able to observe, or be observed on a particular element of teaching that you would like to learn about or showcase.

Unlike traditional peer observation schemes there will be no formal paperwork to complete or reporting required, although you will be asked to give feedback on the initiative via an online survey. The idea is very simple – open up your classroom for others to come and learn from your practice and use the opportunity to visit other classrooms across campus and find out what is going on. Please note that the Open Classroom is not a replacement of current University guidelines on peer observation within Schools and Departments, but acts as a complementary initiative to current practice of this kind.

Registration for Spring 2019 is now closed. Keep an eye on this page for Autumn 2019 registration. Please ensure you use your email address otherwise we will be unable to enter you into the initiative.

When filling out the form you will be asked to provide information detailing your School/Department, your willingness to participate as an observer and/or being observed, and the types of teaching context that you are interested in.

The information stored will be used to ensure staff are matched with colleagues based on form responses. Where possible, we will aim to bring together staff based on areas of interest with a cross-disciplinary focus, but this may not always be possible. Whilst HEFi will match and introduce colleagues who have entered into the Open Classroom, it is then up to partnered staff to arrange a convenient date and time for the experience to take place.