Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education for Postgraduates

Suitable for: (1) postgraduate researchers who are or will be involved in teaching at the University, (2) anyone looking for introductory and practical information on teaching and supporting learning in HE.

Introduction to Learning and Teaching (ILT) in Higher Education addresses core aspects of teaching and supporting learning and underpins any subject or context specific training that is received within school settings.
It consists of sessions which should cover the full range of teaching and learning support activities undertaken by postgraduate researchers (PGRs). Most sessions combine online preparatory tasks with workshops that bring together teachers from across the campus.

The compulsory programme for PGRs consists of two workshops: (1) a general introduction to teaching and learning (ILT001), which PGRs must attend before they start to teach, and (2) a second workshop of their choice from the open programme (e.g. small group teaching, assessment and feedback, giving a lecture).

The open programme offers PGRs and others involved in learning and teaching a selection of courses to enable them to develop their skills in ways that relate to their individual teaching responsibilities.
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