Opportunities for Licensing

The University has a large portfolio of medical, biomedical, engineering and environmental patents available for licensing to organisations like yours. Whether it's a life-changing vaccine or a piece of time-saving technology, our intellectual property could be an important part of your company's future.

Our portfolio of patents available for licensing:

A polypeptide to promote neuronal growth

A polypeptide with proven ability to promote neuronal growth.  Offers an effective therapeutic treatment to promote neuronal growth after injury or disease.  Provides neuronal guidance and stimulates nerve growth, where current compounds and approaches do not. May lead to advances in the treatment of major traumas, such as spinal injuries.

Low fat emulsions

Air filled protein coated droplets which do not rely on hydrophobin droplet shells that can be substituted for fat in emulsions to enable production of low fat foods.

Improved pultrusion resin applicator

Researchers at UoB have developed a method of applying resin through a new applicator that mixes resin as required and impregnates the fibres close to the die.

Improved filament winding resin applicator

A method for spreading bundles of  fibres without damage and impregnating with resin and hardener mixed “on demand”

Reconfigurable Antennae for Wireless Communications

A reconfigurable antenna designed for current and future wireless communication systems. The antenna system is primarily geared for hand held mobile devices such as mobile telephones, laptops, PDA etc.

Using Polymers to Liberate Cell Membrane Proteins

A method for combining polymers with cell membrane lipids to produce disk shaped nanoparticles, which are a useful tool in cell research and drug discovery.

A compact antenna for mobile devices that will operate across a range of bandwidths

Space saving antenna applicable to current and future mobile communications technology.  Antenna measures approx. 45mmx5mmx7mm.  Operates between 460MHz to >3GHz including penta-band cellular services, future cellular 4G services, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.  Operates as wideband spectrum sensing antenna, or narrow band communication antenna.

Self structuring food for the control of satiety

A formulation containing gellan gum formulations which transform liquid and soft-food formulations into nutritional products that self-structure in the acidic environment of the stomach.

Rare earth magnet recycling method

Rare earth magnets are used in a wide range of commercial devices, Rare earth metals have become increasingly expensive over the last few years and supplies can be difficult to access.  Our new Solution - A system that allows simple extraction using hydrogen decrepitation 

Extracellular secretion of proteins expressed in E. coli

Current mechanical or chemical extraction of proteins expressed in E. coli results in high levels of impurities being extracted along with the target protein.  Our solution - Host cell secretion pathways have been manipulated to express proteins in the extracellular environment. 


Water-based cathode inks for improved solid oxide fuel cells

One of the most popular methods for producing the cathode of the current generation of fuel cells involves the use of organic solvent based inks.  Our solution – a new, safer and potentially more efficient water based ink.

Metal nanoparticles for tissue, cell and materials imaging

A new method has been developed for attaching metal complexes to nanoparticles for imaging cells and tissues and other studies in materials science. This approach allows a high loading of luminescent or MRI probe materials on the nanoparticles providing nanoprobes with strong signal output. Attachment of targeting agents on the nanoparticle is also possible allowing mixed modality use.   Cell imaging has been undertaken using epi- and confocal luminescence microscopy as well as transmission electron microscopy.

High Voltage Direct Current Power Converter

Researchers at the University have developed an alternative solution to using circuit breakers. The new solution provides fast DC fault control and protection from DC fault currents using a half bridge VSC MMC in a two-terminal or multi-terminal HVDC power transmission system by reducing the current to zero through a novel routing managed by the VSC converter itself.

Targeting DNA damage responses by functionalized nanoparticles for cancer therapy

Novel nanoparticles which introduce chemo-sensitising or radio-sensitising compounds into the nucleus of the cancer cell acting as DNA repair inhibitor and nuclear localisation signal element.

Long lasting antibacterial coating for stainless steel

A novel plasma surface alloying technique to harden stainless steel surfaces by co-alloying with N and/or C to form a hard, wearing resistant phase and at the same, time introduce bacteria-killing agents, such as Ag or Cu, into a stainless steel surface.

Infra-red Shutter

Electro-optical modulation is an attractive alternative as it simplifies operation, provides significantly higher modulation speed, shrinks dimensions, resistant to mechanical shocks and is silent.

Low-cost multi-view surface capture

A system which can be constructed from a small number of off the shelf components, namely a camera, beam projectors and mirrors.  The system uses the projectors to project a number of carefully chosen light patterns onto the object. For each pattern, the camera acquires an image of the surface of the object. Multiple projectors and mirrors can be used to achieve all-round scanning by imaging the object from multiple viewpoints at the same time.

A new production method for boron carbide

A low temperature synthesis route which offers the potential to reduce energy requirements and labour costs

 Robotic Grasp

A robotic hand which from one learned example can determine the optimal spatial relationship between each part of the hand and the surface contours of the object to maximize the likelihood of a grasp being effective.

Novel re-formable modelling and adhesive material

Workers at the University have developed a material which combines the best properties of modern modelling materials formable adhesives, and traditional clays.

Real-time Micro Oxygen Demand Sensor

A biocompatible oxygen demand assay (BOAD) utilising the unique behaviour of ferrocene carboxylic acid (FcA).

Smart emulsions for Dual and Independent Release of Actives

Researchers at the University have developed a method to overcome this challenge by encapsulating one active inside submicron size particles that are subsequently used to stabilise the interface of a water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsion, with active-2 encapsulated in its dispersed phase.

Supplemental Oxygen During Exercise

100% oxygen (O2) therapy is widely used in patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Congestive heart failure (CHF). Supplementary oxygen is seldom recommended for exercise Paradoxically, in CHF patients, supplementary O2 has been shown to worsen heart function, cause peripheral vasoconstriction and thereby reduce tissue O2 supply. Our solution – The provision of 40% O2 during exercise

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