Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods
Through a series of workshops and practical sessions, you will be introduced to a variety of qualitative research methods and analysis, which have been developed and used within health and medical research. You will be encouraged to learn through experience, through practical sessions, and in research tasks completed in directed study time. You will also be trained in research writing as appropriate for different methodologies and traditions.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Understand the role, purpose and limitations of qualitative enquiry, it’s appropriate use, and its relevance to healthcare practice and research. 
  •  understand the potential sources of bias in qualitative research and how this bias can be minimised/managed.
  • demonstrate an understanding of how different qualitative research methods can be applied to answer different research questions.
  • understand what is involved in effective qualitative data collection
  • understand a variety of approaches to qualitative analysis, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the role of theory in qualitative research.
  • critically appraise qualitative research protocols and research papers

20 credits

Module Attendance Required
1 block week of teaching

Module Dates 
5 to 9 January 2015

One written assignment

Module Coordinator
Dr Antje Lindenmeyer

Stand Alone Course
This module can be taken as a standalone course. The module can be taken as assessed or non assessed. To apply, please contact the Programme Coordinator on 0121 414 7577 or at mph@contacts.bham.ac.uk. All applications must be received a minimum of one month before the start date of the module. For further information on fees or entry requirements, please contact the Programme Coordinator

Course fact file

Type of Course: Continuing professional development, module