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Short courses are designed to help you reskill or upskill for every phase of your career.

Our courses meet the needs of modern learners, providing flexibility and choice . If you are looking to acquire knowledge, skills and competences at a higher education level in smaller bite-sized units, short courses are a perfect choice.  This learning will also be recognised as contributing towards a University certificate or formal qualification.

We offer Microcredentials which provide you with academic credits on successful completion or non-credit Continuing Professional Development CPD courses. We also have a variety of MOOCs available.

Short courses

Our short courses are flexible and taught in a variety of modes. From face-to-face modules taught over four days, to fully online learning, our short courses are designed to suit your needs. We are developing new short courses regularly to ensure our portfolio has something for everyone.

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Microcredentials are short courses that, on successful completion, will provide you with a number of academic credits. We offer a range of Postgraduate Microcredential certificate courses for working professionals and recent graduates to further develop your skills.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Continuing your professional development is crucial for keeping up to date in your field in a rapidly changing world. Within our nurturing community, you will be able to enhance gain the skills you need to put you ahead in a competitive job market. We offer a range of non-credit CPD courses to keep you ahead of the game.