Policy Commission Workshops

Workshop 2: 'Changing Citizen's Behaviour', 17 February 2011

The Policy Commission hosted a series of workshops to hear from and debate with experts from a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

The Commission’s second workshop explored current thinking about the idea of changing citizens’ behaviour in different areas of social and personal life, and considered questions that interventions designed to change behaviour raise for the respective roles of the state, local services, individuals and families.

Invited experts

Young people from the National Youth Reference Group (NYRG); Kathleen Armour (University of Birmingham); James Arthur (University of Birmingham, Director of Citized and Learning for Life); James Blake (St Albans City and District Council); Peter Davies (University of Birmingham); Stuart Derbyshire (University of Birmingham);                       Tiger de Souza (v); Jonathan Grix (University of Birmingham); Ben Kyneswood (University of Birmingham); Andrea Legal-Miller (Lambeth Youth Council); Louise Morpeth (The Social Research Unit, Dartington); Kevin Myers (University of Birmingham); Liz Richardson (University of Manchester); Richard Selwyn (Commissioning Support Programme); Charlotte Slater (Moo Moo Youth Marketing)

Read the full workshop report here (PDF - 1.07MB)
Read young people's views here (PDF - 437KB)                                        

 Policy Commission workshop participants

Jane Slowey - Commissioner

Derrick Anderson - Commissioner