Policy Commission Workshops

Workshop 3: 'Reproducing Success and Mitigating Failure',
10 March 2011

The Policy Commission hosted a series of workshops to hear from and debate with experts from a range of backgrounds and perspectives. 

Evidence suggests that radical policy change is likely to experience failure. Planning for and developing ways in which to respond to failure will be crucial in order to avoid individual services users and communities being left without services. Conversely it will be important that ‘successful’ enterprises are able to be reproduced and so we need to improve our understanding about whether and how to ‘scale-up’ or ‘transplant’ initiatives.

The third Policy Commission workshop focused on evidencing and dealing with ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in the context of a renewed focus on third sector service delivery.


Invited experts

Malin Arvidson (Third Sector Research Centre); Chris Banks (Public Chairs' Forum and University of Birmingham); Mark Bramah (Association for Public Service Excellence); Brian Carr (Birmingham Voluntary Service Council); Helen Dickinson (University of Birmingham); Cheryl Garvey (Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs); Ed Hammond (Centre for Public Scrutiny); Peter Latchford (Black Radley Limited); Rob Macmillan (Third Sector Research Centre); Angus McCabe (University of Birmingham); Steve McKay (University of Birmingham); Domenico Moro (Third Sector Research Centre); Sharon Palmer (Regional Action West Midlands); James Rees (Third Sector Research Centre); Oliver Reichardt (National Council for Voluntary Organisations); Catherine Staite (University of Birmingham)

Read the full workshop report here (PDF - 1.07MB)

    Commission workshop - listening panel

Pete Alcock – Policy Commissioner

Workshop select committee panel