FRANCOPOCO (Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial) Network 

Four photos of North Africa, Canada, Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa

The University of Birmingham FRANCOPOCO Network was launched in March 2010 to promote learning and teaching, research and knowledge transfer in Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial Studies.

Francophone Postcolonial Studies is a growth field in the UK and internationally, encouraging researchers and students to explore new boundaries within the discipline of French Studies. The teaching and research activities carried out within the framework of the FRANCOPOCO Network situate cultural works (literature, film and other forms of cultural production) in their global context, exploring historical, political and economic contexts and considering evolving relationships between France, Europe and the wider world.

The FRANCOPOCO network harnesses the research and teaching expertise of University of Birmingham academics in French Studies whose work spans the major French-speaking areas around the world, including analysis of the early modern and modern eras.

New MA in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies launched.

Staff and areas of expertise 

  • Dr Craig Blunt Algeria and the legacy of the Algerian War 
  • Dr Alessandro Corio Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2012-2014) 
  • Dr Béatrice Damamme-Gilbert Literary representations of colonial and postcolonial cultures (African, Mauritian, Mexican and Amerindian, and Oceanian) in J.M.G. Le Clézio's work.
  • Dr Sarah Fishwick Francophone Women Writers
  • Dr Louise Hardwick Francophone Caribbean – Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, and the Haitian diaspora in contemporary Canada. 
  • Dr Kate Ince Filmic representations of colonial and postcolonial cultures 
  • Dr Berny Sèbe Sub-Saharan Africa and the Sahara (colonial, decolonisation and postcolonial) 
  • Dr Andrew Watts Race otherness and colonialism in the 19th Century

FRANCOPOCO activities

The FRANCOPOCO Network promotes

  • A dynamic programme of research activity and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • The enrichment of Undergraduate teaching and learning
  • The enrichment of Postgraduate supervision and training opportunities
  • International perspectives of France and the French language
  • The exploration of contemporary France’s international relations with Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and Asia
  • New interdisciplinary research analysing urgent themes which include the global economy, environmental issues, racial politics and gender politics, drawing attention to Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial paradigms of international importance
  • Knowledge Transfer, bringing Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial Studies to a wider public through a series of film screenings and visits from major authors and academics, all of which are open to the general public

postcolonial logoPotential applicants

We welcome applications from potential graduate students at Masters or PhD level interested in working on research projects in any of the fields in which we specialise.

  The FRANCOPOCO Network consolidates the teaching and research expertise in Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial fields in French Studies. FRANCOPOCO is part of the wider interdisciplinary Postcolonial Birmingham Research Network at the University of Birmingham.