Language and linguistics

Dr Aengus Ward works on comparative philology and Hispanic linguistics. In 1998, Dr Ward edited volume I of the Actas del XII Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas, an International Conference held in the University of Birmingham, 21-26 August 1995.

  • Actas del XII Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas. Tomo I: Medieval y Linguistica. Edición al cuidado de Aengus M. ward.
  • Birmingham: Department of Hispanic Studies, The University of Birmingham,1998.

Articles and chapters in books

  • "The -ra form in the conditional sentences of the Estoria de Espanna".
  • Verba. Anuario Galego de Filoloxía, volume 25 (1998), 127-141.
  • Frank Lough, 'Self-Study, Student Autonomy and IT', in Gabrielle Parker and Catherine Reuben (eds.), Languages for the International Scientist (London: Association for French Language Studies and CILT, 1994), pp. 143-59.
  • '¡Escúchame! - Spanish Listening Comprehension in PC Guide', in W. Strang, V.B. Simpson, D. Slater (eds.), Hypermedia at Work: Practice and Theory in Higher Education (University of Kent, 1995), 207-13.
  • Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta works on the language of advertising, and has published articles on the incidence of religious themes and proverbial discourse in advertisements. She is currently investigating the recurring use of two distinct motifs in print and television advertising: bread and fairytales.