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"How can we understand another society and, by comparison, learn more about our own? The key is mastery of the language. From this starting point, you can examine a country's history, its literature and culture."
Dr Craig Blunt, French Studies


Posted 24 May 2016

Ecocriticism keynote at Durham IAS

On Friday 13 May, Dr Louise Hardwick gave a keynote paper at the international symposium 'Aesthetics of Crisis: Ecology, Disaster, Representation' which was held at the University of Durham's Institute of Advanced Study.

Posted 23 May 2016

Dr Claire MacLeod Peters, Prince's Teaching Institute talk

Dr Claire MacLeod Peters is continuing her work with the Prince's Teaching Institute Charity, delivering interactive lectures in French to inspire secondary school French teachers to engage with their subject in ways that reflect latest research findings.

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The Department is organised into seven principal sections, teaching our five principal languages and cultures (French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish), and the further seven languages and cultures we offer as minor or additional subjects (Arabic, Catalan, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Basque and Galician). The Department offers also professional teaching on Translation Studies.

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