Undergraduate study in Modern Languages

These are some of the most flexible and successful programmes in the UK. You design your own four-year degree.

1. Do you want to be fluent in one or more languages?

Don’t forget you can start a new language from scratch. You’ll learn fast with our award-winning methods and you’ll be fully fluent by final year.

Visit our My Choices app to find out what combinations are available and to download tailored PDFs with full module information.

Our core Modern Languages BA programme involves the study of either one, two or three modern languages in various weightings, each being either one third, one half, or two thirds of your total course load. You are permitted to shift these weightings from year to year. You have the chance to learn about culture alongside your language: literature, historyfilm, politics, society, art. You can also learn translation skills.

Take a look at our student-run publication The UoB Linguist to find out more about student life in the Department of Modern Languages.

2. Instead of pure language, what about language with another subject?

With History, History of Art, Music, Business, English, Geography, Maths, and more …

Joint Honours programme

Several of our languages are also available as a minor option in degrees with Chemistry, Economics, Law, International Relations, International Business and Money, Banking and Finance.

And whatever you choose, you’ll be enjoying a year in another country…

Year 3 is your Year Abroad. We have university, teaching and work placements across Europe, Quebec and Latin America. You can also study in Russia, Japan and China. It’s a great time for really enjoying the culture, opening your mind, kick-starting your entrepreneurial ideas - you could be studying at a foreign University or spending the year working in French TV, or as a teacher in South America, or in a classroom in Italy.

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