The UoB Linguist Magazine

We are a group of Modern Language students of all years who produce a campus magazine full of internationally themed articles and sections for all languages studied at Birmingham.


The UoB Linguist aims to provide a platform for people interested in other nations and cultures and with a passion for writing. When dipping into a copy of the magazine over a lunch break, you’d be surprised how you can better your language skills without even realising!

Since starting in December 2011, we have assembled a committed team of editors for a wide range of sections including current world affairs, lifestyle, travel, foreign recipes and reviews of foreign book and film.

linguist-2The benefit of being part of our magazine is that there is a role for everyone. Even if you do not study languages, students of many other subjects find they can discover their hidden talents for IT, publicity or even proof-reading. Most importantly, The UoB Linguist allows members to hone organisational, management and decision-making skills key to enhance their CV.

The magazine is available in both physical and online copies. Our contributors say: “[the magazine] is a great opportunity to practise language skills”, “most definitely worth including on any CV as it shows a variety of skills and attributes to prospective employers”, “I am very happy I am able to be part of a language magazine as a non-language student”.

We now have a dynamic new website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Check us out!