Our research culture 

Our research is organized around a number of overlapping and interconnecting thematic areas in which members of staff are working:

Language studies

Prof. Bill Dodd, Mr Robert Evans

  • History of the German language
  • Language description
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Language, society and ideology
  • Sprachkritik

Textual edition, study and interpretation

Work which has been or is being conducted in this area includes:

Literature and culture in their social and historical contexts

A wide range of work is being done in the following periods:

Funded research projects

The following projects have recently been funded by research bodies:


  • The Latin and German parallel texts of the Lumen anime C and Ulrich Putsch’s Liecht der sel, Dr Nigel Harris
  • Women’s political writing in the nineteenth century, Dr Ruth Whittle
  • Reframing Antifascism: Memory, Genre and the Life Writings of Greta Kuckhoff Dr Joanne Sayner
  • Silence, memory and empathy in museums and at historic sites Dr Joanne Sayner
  • Sophie von La Roche’s Journal Pomona für Teutschlands Töchter (1783-84) in the Light of Unpublished Correspondence Dr Elystan Griffiths
  • Dolf Sternberger, National Socialism, and 'Sprachkritik', Prof. Bill Dodd