Research specialisms

Daniele Albertazzi

Italian and European politics, Media Studies.
20th and 21st centuries

  • Populism in comparative perspective
  • Italian politics
  • Swiss Politics
  • Political Communication
  • Political propaganda and identity

Clodagh Brook

Film Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies.
20th century

  • Political cinema (1968; terrorism; Berlusconi).
  • Personal cinema.
  • Post 1960s Italian film (Bellocchio, Moretti etc).
  • Italian modernist poetry (Montale, Ungaretti).
  • Contemporary poetry.
  • Foucault, postmodernism, modernism.
  • Literature: Subjectivity, fantastic, oneiric.

Michael Caesar

Italian literature and critical thought.
18th century to present

  • Orality, writing and performance
  • The work of Giacomo Leopardi
  • The reception of Dante.
  • Umberto Eco

Paolo De Ventura

Medieval studies, History of the Italian language.
12th - 14th centuries

  • Early Italian texts.
  • Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio.
  • Translation.

Franco D'Intino

Italian and comparative literature
18th - 20th centuries

  • Autobiography.
  • The epistolary genre.
  • Leopardi in the European context.
  • Textual scholarship

Ita Mac Carthy

Renaissance Literature and Art; Women's Studies
14th - 16th centuries

  • Interconnections and rivalries between literature and art.
  • Women in Renaissance writing and art
  • Renaissance keywords.
  • ‘Grace’ in the Italian Renaissance.
  • The Romance Epic, especially Ludovico Ariosto.

Duncan McDonnell

Italian and European politics, political parties, populism
20th and 21st centuries

  • Populism in comparative perspective
  • Italian politics
  • Political party organization and representation
  • Local democracy

Charlotte Ross

Literary studies, Cultural studies, Gender and Sexuality studies
19th century, 20th century and contemporary

  • Primo Levi.
  • Embodiment.
  • Posthumanism.
  • Feminisms.
  • LGBT activism.
  • Queer culture.

Jacqueline Visconti

Linguistics, Translation theory

  • Scalar particles.
  • Problems of legal language.
  • Translation.