Research in Portuguese Studies

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Dr. Patricia Odber de Baubeta has published books and articles on medieval Portuguese Literature and Ecclesiastical History. She has written on selected Portuguese authors, the language of advertising, and the use of fairy tale motifs in advertising and other fictions. Her recent research focuses on the History of Portuguese Literature in English Translation, and the History of the Anthology in Portugal. Dr Odber is involved in several collaborative research projects. She is also an experienced translator who has published translations of Portuguese short stories. Currently she is translating selected sermons by Padre António Vieira, and editing an anthology of Iberian Crime Fiction in English Translation.

Dr. Robert Oakley, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, has a long-standing interest in Brazilian poetry and prose, in particular the works of Lima Barreto, on whom he has published numerous articles in British and Brazilian academic journals. He has also held the distinction of Visiting Research Fellow in several Brazilian universities.

Professor Frank Lough has published on the Portuguese Nobel Laureate José Saramago.

Research areas

International Research Projects

2000―, The Sir Henry Thomas Project: The History of Portuguese Literature in English Translation. P.A. Odber de Baubeta, Dr. Juliet Perkins, Professor Maria Leonor Machado de Sousa, Dr. João Paulo Ascenso Pereira da Silva, Dr. Manuela Carvalho, Dr. Stephen Wilson.

2004―, The Anthology in Portugal. An exploration of the role of anthologies in literary historiography, canon formation and intercultural transfer, focusing also on the question of female authorship, translation and censorship as well as ‘the lesser genres’, namely children’s literature and detective fiction. With the collaboration of a team of colleagues in the UK and Portugal (Universities of Lisbon and Oporto).

2006―2013, TETRA (A Tradução de Teatro e o Palco: para uma história da tradução teatral em Portugal, 1800 – 2009 / Translation, Theatre and the Portuguese Stage: Towards a History of Theatre Translation in Portugal, 1800 – 2009), a project based in the University of Lisbon and funded by the Fundação para a Tecnologia e Educação. The project has given rise to several workshops, books, and a database.

2009―2013, Translation Consultant on the project Fernão Lopes – The Chronicles, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, USA, which brings together a team of scholars from Portugal, the UK and the US who are producing annotated translations of and critical essays on the medieval Portuguese chronicler Fernão Lopes, funded by the Portuguese Book Institute and to be published by Boydell and Brewer. The team includes Professor Teresa Amado, Dr. Amélia Hutchinson, Emeritus Professor Clive Willis, Dr. Iona McLeery, Dr. Juliet Perkins, Professor Philip Krummrich, Dr. Josiah Blackmore, Francisco Fernandes, Shirley Clarke. Consultant: Dr. Patricia Odber de Baubeta.

2011―, The Reception of British and Irish Short Fiction in Portugal and Portuguese Short Fiction in the United Kingdom and Ireland (1980-2010) | A recepção da ficção breve britânica e irlandesa em Portugal e da ficção breve portuguesa no Reino Unido e Irlanda (1980-2010). Principal Investigator: Dr Ana Raquel Lourenço Fernandes. Research team: Dr Claire Williams, Dr Paul Melo e Castro, Dr Raquel Ribeiro, Sara Henriques, Jennifer Arnold, Suzan Bozkurt. Consultants: Dr. Patricia Odber de Baubeta, Professor Susan Bassnett, Professor Ellen Sapega, Professor Isabel Rocheta, Emeritus Professor João Almeida Flor.

2011―, Censura e mecanismos de controlo da informação no Teatro e no Cinema. Antes, durante e após o Estado Novo. Centro de Investigação Media e Jornalismo, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Principal Investigator: Ana Cabrera. Research Team: Graça dos Santos, Ana Cabrera, Paulo Cunha, Ana Bela Morais, Leonor Areal. Consultants: Dr Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta, Professor Teresa Seruya, Emeritus Professor João Almeida Flor and Professor Luís Reis Torgal.

2011―, PENPAL. Translation Teaching Project with members of Department of English, University of Lisbon.