School of Physics and Astronomy - Outreach and Schools Liaison

Outreach front page

We very much value our contacts with teachers and students in schools and colleges and are continually developing links, activities and resources which we hope will enrich the school curriculum and support Physics Education.

We organise activities for students and teachers visiting the University and also take activities out into schools and colleges. At a variety of levels, we aim to give  insights into current research, explain degree and career options and generally enthuse the next generation to study more Physics!

During our outreach events we expect:

  • Participating students to be accompanied by their teachers at all times
  • Teachers to hold medical information of their participating students during the visit
  • Teachers to hold photographic permission for their participating students and inform us of any students that do not have this.

If you would like more information or would like to chat about involving you or your students in any events, please don't hesitate to contact Maria Pavlidou, our Schools Liaison Officer - we look forward to making links with you and your school or college!

Outreach Events for Primary School - Year 4 to 6 (ages 8 to 11)

Talks and Workshops available at your school

These are events that can be delivered and run at your school, on request.  Please email Dr Maria Pavlidou for further details.

  • Antikythera Mechanism talk & exhibitiion - Booklet that accompanies the talk can be downloaded FREE here (suitable for KS4/5)
  • Mini Particle Physics Masterclass (suitable for KS4/5)
  • Hot & Cold Talk (suitable for KS2/3)
  • Particle Physics for Primary Schools (suitable for KS2/3)
  • "Electricity" for Primary Schools (suitable for KS2/3)
  • "Light" for Primary Schools (suitable for KS2/3)
  • Making and Launching rockets (suitable for KS2/3) - please contact Dr Maria Pavlidou.