First year other Iberian language modules

Beginners’ Basque: Basque Language and Culture I (20 Credits)

Euskara is the language spoken in Euskal Herria, the Basque Country, a nation that lies in southwestern Europe and that is currently divided between two states: France and Spain. Euskara is a language of unknown origin, with no connection to the Indo-European, Uralic or any other family of languages. Reasons for choosing to study Euskara include: access to an ancient culture and a language unlike any you have seen before; a rare opportunity to study an important non-Indo-European language; the option to continue to study it for free at an academy in the Basque Country.

Assessment: Coursework (20%); Oral Exam (15%); Aural Exam (15%); Written Exam (50%).

Contact Hours: 3 hours per week.

Convener: Ms Ira Ortigosa Pascual.

Beginners’ Catalan: Catalan Language and Culture I (20 Credits)

Catalan is spoken in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands (Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera). This module teaches Beginners Catalan. There is a whole culture to discover, including writers, painters, architects, etc. The three weekly hours include communicative language and grammar classes (2 hours per week) plus a culture hour to develop comprehension skills and to provide an introduction to Catalan literature and culture. Students also have the opportunity to achieve an extra qualification by taking the International Certificate of Catalan Language issued by the Institut Ramon Llull.

Assessment: Coursework (10%); Grammar Test (20%); Oral Exam (10%); Aural Exam (10%); Written Exam (50%).

Contact Hours: 3 hours per week.

Convener: Ms Gemma Segura

Beginners’ Galician: Galician Language and Culture I (20 Credits)

Galician is the language spoken in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula. It is an official language within the Spanish state together with Basque Catalan, and Castilian (Spanish). Galician and Portuguese were born as the same language in the same kingdom. Therefore with Galician you can communicate both with Portuguese speakers and with Spanish speakers around the world. As well as learning the language, you will learn about Galician culture (cinema, theatre, literature, music, food, wine...) Galicia is a Celtic nation, with ancient festas and festivals, a beautiful landscape and an enchanting literature.

Assessment: Coursework (20%); Oral Exam (15%); Aural Exam (15%); Written Exam (50%).

Contact Hours: 3 hours per week.

Convener: Ms. Paloma Serrapio.

Beginners’ Portuguese (20 Credits)

Portuguese is a true world language, being spoken not just in Portugal, itself a uniquely distinctive tile in the Iberian mosaic, but also in Brazil, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, as well as in Angola, Mozambique, and several other African and Far Eastern countries. This intensive language module is suitable for those with no knowledge of Portuguese (or with Portuguese to GCSE). It introduces students to the vocabulary and structures of Portuguese through a variety of classroom activities, engaging them with a range of written and spoken registers of Portuguese Language through a combination of textual and visual activities. The module also provides an introduction to the culture and society of the Portuguese speaking-world.

Assessment: Coursework (30%); Aural Test (10%); Oral Exam (10%); Written Exam (50%).

Contact Hours: 3 hours per week.

Convener: Ms. Fátima Cande.



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