Building our future

The University is in the midst of one of the most exciting and transformational campus redevelopments since the first phase of building on our Edgbaston campus was completed in 1909 under the auspices of Sir Aston Webb.

The development projects, worth close to £400 million over the next five years, will create outstanding new facilities which will benefit students, staff, visitors and the local community – whilst drawing on Aston Webb’s original campus masterplan, as well as subsequent plans, and laying a sound basis for the future. 

The project will enhance the setting of those buildings and features which represent the University’s heritage, and open up a striking green park at the heart of the campus – allowing the Joseph Chamberlain clock tower to be seen across campus, as was originally envisaged. The work will create new pedestrian routes including one from central campus to the Vale Village, to allow students, staff and visitors to move between different areas of campus with ease.

Following extensive public consultation, work is now underway on many of the schemes which form this redevelopment, including a brand new sports centre on the junction of Bristol Road and Edgbaston Park Road, an outstanding academic library with a dedicated research annexe and a hub bringing together several student services. The Chamberlain halls of residence at the northern end of the Vale Village are also currently being redeveloped with a new tower and three lower residential blocks being constructed.

As well as the schemes on central campus, the University is investing heavily across other sites including the University of Birmingham School– the first university training school for secondary aged pupils in the country which is now being constructed at our Selly Oak campus. 

The University will continue its commitment to high-quality design and sustainable regeneration which was recognised in 2013 through the prestigious Civic Trust Awards - with the Bramall Music Buildingand the Steam Bridge winning an award and commendation respectively. 

The University has approximately 34,000 students and staff and we want our campus to be an inspiring place to work and socialise. Our campus is the physical expression of the University, and reflects its academic standing and contribution to the city, and its redevelopment will allow us to build even stronger ties with our local community.