Sixth Form Study Afternoons and Study Days

The Sixth Form Study Afternoons provide an opportunity for AS and A-level students to study with a particular department for the afternoon. For 2013, the College of Arts and Law will also be trialling whole Study Days for some subjects.

Study Afternoons typically consist of three or four 30-40 minute talks by individual members of the academic staff, with a concluding 30-minute question-and-answer session. The talks can range from large lectures to group workshops, depending on the subject and programme. Study Days will involve morning and afternoon sessions along similar lines to the Study Afternoons. Schools will also be given the option of attending just for the afternoon if they prefer.

Student, King Lear Study Afternoon "It was inspiring to learn in a different environment and to have a whole afternoon just to focus upon the text."

sixth-form-afternoonProgramme for 2014-15

Autumn term

Spring term

  • English Literature Study Afternoon (Date and topic to be confirmed)
  • History Study Afternoon (Date and topic to be confirmed)
  • Modern Languages Study Day

We would be particularly interested in hearing from teachers about the AS modules, including specific topics, themes and key texts, which they would like to see featured at our afternoons.  Please email Helen Murray, Student Experience Manager, if you would like to make a suggestion.

Further to feedback from schools, the opportunity to attend a campus tour will also be provided as part of the programme for Study Afternoons and Study Days.

The price to attend a Sixth Form Study Afternoon is £5 per student, with no charge for teachers. Each school may bring a maximum of forty students and five teachers to each session. The price to attend a Sixth Form Study Day is £10 per student for the whole day or, where offered, £5 per student for just the afternoon, with no charge for teachers.

Programme for 2013-14

Autumn term

Spring term

Previous Sixth Form Study Afternoons

Previous study afternoons include:

  • Early Modern History: Renaissance, Reformation and Rebellion: Politics, Religion and Society in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
  • English: Love Sacred and Profane in Renaissance English Literature: Othello, Doctor Faustusand the Poems of John Donne
  • English: Shakespeare’s King Lear
  • English, Drama and American and Canadian Studies: Girl Power? Language, Gender and Identity in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale, The Handmaid’s Taleand Top Girls
  • Modern Languages: Language and Film

Teacher, History Study Afternoon "All the talks were engaging – good/appropriate length and range of topics for pupils and refreshing variety of lecturing techniques."

[image - Dr Kate Rumbold delivering a lecture on Shakespeare’s Othellofor a study afternoon on Renaissance English Literature]