Alumnus Profile 



Name:  Askhat Sabitov
Nationality:  Kazakhstan
Degree:  BSc Money, Banking and Finance
Class of: 2008

After graduation from the University of Birmingham I was working as a tax consultant at the local Deloitte office in Almaty, then I got a Masters Degree from the Australian National University, and after that I got into the pharmaceutical industry with Zhayik-AS LLP. Now I am a General Director here as well as studying for a health and pharmacy economics Masters at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (online).

The University of Birmingham is a respectable and well known university and I am very glad for my choice. It gave me a lot, but most importantly is the fact that it enables deep personal development and management. If at the beginning of the study you will be fresh and inexperienced young teen, by the end of the study you will transform into an adult, with thoughts and opinion of your own, with experience how to handle different situations in life.

From what I can remember, the most challenging part of the course was the 3rd year classes as well as writing the thesis. And for the joy part, I guess the people I’ve met there and the time I spent there overall can be categorized as enjoyment for me.

I very much liked my degree because it was a mix of three disciplines, economics, accounting and business law, in that order, with a possibility to deepen my knowledge further in one of them. My advice is that if you don’t know which discipline to choose from this three, choose the BSc Money Banking and Finance, as you will get a taste of all of them.

I liked that Birmingham is a big multicultural city, with lots of things to do and places to go out, and still not as busy and crowded as London.

I sure will recommend the University of Birmingham to others as it was a great experience for me and I am pretty confident that the future students find the University a great adulthood launchpad, with tough challenges and great rewards.