Health Insurance

We recommend that you take out health insurance before you travel and arrive in the UK.

The University has a health centre on campus and you should register with this service on your arrival.  If you will be in the UK for more than six months you will be able to use the National Health Service in the same way as anyone permanently resident in the UK.  However, pre-existing medical conditions requiring long-term medication or hospital treatment may not be covered.  Repatriation would also not be covered.  It is therefore essential to take out health insurance before you arrive.

If your course lasts less than six months you will be treated as a private patient and will have to pay to see a doctor.  The charges for this can be especially if you need medication or hospital treatment.  Dental and optical treatment must also be paid for, as is the case for those permanently resident.  It is therefore very important that you take out insurance cover before you travel.

Further information about healthcare in the UK can be found on our Welcome pages.