Accommodation for International students transcript

International students show you around their university accommodation and explain options for private housing.

Title: Accommodation for International Students
Duration:   2.26

S1 University offers a lot of different accommodation choices and I have booked my room online and I found Housing Services to be very useful and helpful because they were answering my emails very quickly. 

S2 They just replied to me and said that my accommodation was booked; so then the day I arrived I picked up my keys and had my room ready for me. 

S3 When I first came to Birmingham I didn’t have to worry about accommodation a lot because I got accommodation offered by the University and rather fortunately I met a few girls there and we are still friends, and after this year in University accommodation we decided to move on the private sector and now we are renting a house together. 

S4 As you can see, this is actually my room and it’s really comfortable here.  I mean I’ve got en suite facilities but I also share my flat with another four girls; two of them are from China and two of them British girls; so it’s really interesting because we’ve got like different people from all around. 

S2 My accommodation is about ten minutes from the centre of the campus. It’s very convenient because I don’t need to take any bus or train to go to my lectures. 

S5 I choose not to live on the campus because I had some close relatives living nearby; so when I first came over I moved in with them but then when I made a few friends, I chose to live with my friends. Accommodation is really nice; it’s a big three-bedroom flat and we are three friends sharing the rent. The mosque is near as well; so we can go and pray.

S6 Currently I’m staying in student accommodation in the city centre. This is accommodation for students purely, and I learnt about this through the Housing Services at the University of Birmingham. 

S1 There are quite a few shops available on campus. There is also a place where they sell fruits and vegetables, which I find to be very nice because the vegetables are always fresh and cheap.  There is also a bookshop, which offers ten percent discount for students. 

S7 I never thought the accommodation could be this good.