Community Day - Our students transcript

Highlights and interviews from The University of Birmingham Community Day which took place in June 2010, from the perspective of our students and the work that they do in the community.

Title     Community Day – Our Students
Duration:  2.22 mins

Speaker Names (if given):
S1 Emma Packham – Guild of Students 
S2 Adrian Goldberg – Former University of Birmingham student 

S1 Our students live in the community; they are the community and they give so much back to the community. So today is really really important for the wider community to come and see just what our students are doing; the things that they can get involved with.  A lot of the performances, like I said, the community are allowed to come and watch.  A lot of the volunteering we do is in the community. A lot of the volunteering that we do, the community can come and get involved with. 

S2 Well the University is obviously a great place of learning. It’s one of the best universities in the country and it’s also economically important; it attracts all these students into the city.  I think maybe that message hasn’t always been given out there quite as forceful as it might have been to the rest of Birmingham; so if Birmingham’s encouraged to come in and see what the University’s got to offer and what it can give, then I think that’s good for the University and I think that’s good for Birmingham. 

S3 Well I’ve just visited the medical school with my friend; it's really interesting. I’m quite interested actually in taking up the offer of the course later on this year.  I always feel I’ve missed out on university; I left school at sixteen and I would like to know what I’ve been missing out on.  I think it’s a wonderful university. 

S4 Fabulous event to put on for the community: it’s lovely and it’s so child-friendly. My son’s particular one was where you had to run with the rope tied round your waste and it pulled you back; he thought that was hilarious.   I think it’s wonderful to see round the University because I didn’t go to this university; so it’s lovely for the community to see what it’s like in here.