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The University of Birmingham Hong Kong Foundation will harness the transformative power of philanthropy to accelerate our progress in addressing issues that matter to Hong Kong and the wider region. In this launch trailer for the Foundation, we take a look at how it will benefit Hong Kong and the wider world.

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Video Length: 04:02
Video content: This video features members of the University of Birmingham Hong Kong Foundation Board of Directors, plus alumni of the University.


[The Hon Geoffrey Ma Tao-Li, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Foundation, former Chief Justice of Hong Kong]
Hong Kong has the largest number of Birmingham University graduates anywhere outside the United Kingdom. There are around 3,000 of us. Our alumni come from all walks of life, including business, the legal profession, government, and religion. We do our best to make a difference.

[Dr Paul Kwong, Archbishop Emeritus of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui]
I feel that Birmingham is much more than simply a University for me.

[Professor William Ko, founder of the Birmingham University Alumni Association Hong Kong]
I enjoy the company of quite a number of friends, we studied there. And some - most of them came from Hong Kong.

[Jonathan Wong, President of the Birmingham University Alumni Association Hong Kong (BUAAHK), who established the mentoring programme for Hong Kong alumni]
And I really want to give something back to the University and also to our future generation.

[Geoffrey Ma]
The Hong Kong Foundation will now build on this to accelerate our progress in addressing key issues that matter to Hong Kong, the mainland, and the wider region. Together, we will harness the transformative power of philanthropy, so we can act quickly as our world changes, and respond nimbly to challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. The Foundation will support:

  • Collaboration between Birmingham, Hong Kong and the mainland, including exchange partnerships for researchers, to make faster progress on global issues that matter to us all
  • Experiences for students from challenging backgrounds to visit Hong Kong to develop their global leadership skills and awareness of other cultures
  • Scholarships for talented students from Hong Kong to study in Birmingham, following in our footsteps
  • Youth sport coaching that makes any sport empowering and engaging for Hong Kong's young people at every skill level

[Dr Ir Conrad Wong, Chair of the Hong Kong Foundation and Vice-Chairman, Yau Lee Holdings Ltd]
Geoffrey Ma Scholarships recognise our honourable President Professor Geoffrey Ma. These scholarships will mean that many more of Hong Kong's most talented students can follow in his footsteps and yours. Together, we can help them with the cost of a world class education so that they too can study at Birmingham University.

[Wendy WP Wong, Board of Directors, the Hong Kong Foundation, and General Manager and Head of International Division, Bank of East Asia Ltd]
So many alumni are excited about supporting students and research in Hong Kong, including me and my husband Edward, who studied in the Business School with me at Birmingham.

[Mr Billy Yeung, Co-owner and CEO of HKBN Enterprise Solutions and JOS Group, Founder of Y5ZONE]
I see the Foundation as kind of like a nucleus.

[Mr Nelson Tse, Sales and Marketing Director, Million Tech Development Ltd]
How to benefit to the students and some can do something for the society.

[Hon Frankie Ching-Ming Yick, SBS, JP, Member (Transport Functional Constituency), LEGCO]
I see the value in establishing the Foundation, other than helping Hong Kong students in Birmingham University and also what else we can do for the Hong Kong community with the experts, skills, and knowledge from the Birmingham University.

[Dr Guy Look, Board of Directors, the Hong Kong Foundation, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director at Sa Sa International Holdings Ltd]
Myself and the board of directors invite you to make a donation in support of Birmingham in Hong Kong. 100% of your donation will go to charitable projects at the University.

[Anna Lin, JP, Board of Directors, the Hong Kong Foundation, Chief Executive Officer, GS1 Hong Kong]
You can make a single gift or a multi-year donation, which will be allocated to the area of greatest priority at the time, so that we can respond quickly to urgent needs. Together, we can build on our successes and deepen our collective impact in Hong Kong and beyond.

[Geoffrey Ma]
The Foundation will benefit the community. What better way is there to mark our affection for Birmingham University than to see our University, and to assist it, being of relevance and making an impact on the community to which we belong.

[Anna Lin]
To find out how to make your donation or to discuss a bespoke gift, visit our website to start a conversation.


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