The University of Birmingham Hong Kong Foundation

A panoramic of Hong Kong skyscrapersThe University of Birmingham Hong Kong Foundation harnesses the transformative power of philanthropy to accelerate our progress in addressing issues that matter to Hong Kong and the wider region.

The difference you can make

Offer Hong Kong’s brightest students the chance to make the most of their talents and fund research that benefits Hong Kong and the wider world.

Board of directors

The board of directors brings together a wealth of experience across Hong Kong and the University of Birmingham.

About our donors

Join our Founding Donors in supporting the Foundation to change young lives and improve the world for future generations.

What we can achieve together

In an everchanging and evolving world, we need to be able to act nimbly and respond quickly to needs and opportunities when they arise. Your gifts to the Foundation enable us to do so.

Our alumni in Hong Kong have been generous in their philanthropic giving to the University, having previously made contributions to scholarships, for our research tackling Ebola and antibiotic resistance, to funding teaching laboratories. The Foundation allows us to build on these successes, to continue to deepen our collective impact in Hong Kong and beyond.

The University of Birmingham Hong Kong Foundation (Video transcript)

How we will do it

Hong Kong Foundation graphicWe are creating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between Birmingham and Hong Kong.

We are funding exchange partnerships for researchers from Birmingham, Hong Kong and across the wider region. There has never been a more important time for international collaboration and the Foundation is fostering those joint research programmes, which promise to have significant global impact.

We are funding Geoffrey Ma Scholarships for talented students from Hong Kong to follow in your footsteps to Edgbaston. We are funding mobility experiences for Birmingham students from challenging backgrounds to benefit from visiting Hong Kong, to meet our alumni, refine their leadership qualities and improve their cultural awareness.

The strength of our research in the region, combined with our highest concentration of alumni outside of the UK, presents us with a unique opportunity. Funds from the Foundation are distributed by the board of directors to enable us to build and strengthen our community in Hong Kong, through enhancing research that matters and supporting bright minds in Birmingham.

We will support:

  • Research exchange partnerships for researchers from Birmingham and Hong Kong
  • The Geoffrey Ma Scholarships for students from Hong Kong, which recognise the Foundation’s first Honorary President
  • Mobility experiences for students from Birmingham to visit Hong Kong and the region

To start a conversation, get in touch.

Geoffrey MaProfessor Geoffrey Ma
Honorary President

I am delighted to be the first Honorary President of the University of Birmingham Hong Kong Foundation, following my recent appointment as an Honorary Professor and Chair in the Law School, and the inaugural recipient of the University of Birmingham Hong Kong Medal in 2019. These accolades from Birmingham hold special significance for me, because apart from providing me with the necessary foundation for my career, I am immensely proud to be a part of our outstanding University.

Birmingham is respected globally. The impact it has made is there for all to see – excellence in teaching and research, making a tangible contribution in an increasingly complex world. I am proud to be helping the University enhance its presence in Hong Kong, through the Foundation, and I look forward to the collaborations that will bring. I hope that you will join me in supporting the Foundation, to allow the next generation to follow in our footsteps through scholarships, and to further pioneering research that matters.

IR Dr Conrad WongIr Dr Conrad Wong, BBS, JP

Over the last few years I have been continually impressed with the University’s commitment to Hong Kong, and to alumni resident here. I have had the pleasure to host a number of dinners for visiting academics, to enable them to share their research. From their impact it is clear that the University has created a research environment in which academic rigour, innovation and delivery are made possible by brilliant people with strong collaborative international networks. However, the University can do much more if the conditions are right. The launch of the Hong Kong Foundation gives alumni an opportunity to help our alma mater break new ground.

I hope that, like myself, you will consider becoming a donor to the Foundation. We have a unique opportunity to help shape the next chapter in the University’s illustrious history, by lending our support, so that it can enrich the student experience and research that matters to Hong Kong.

It has been a privilege to lead the Foundation over the last two years. I am confident that our incoming Chair, Dr Guy Look, will take the Foundation from strength to strength.

University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam TickellProfessor Adam Tickell
Vice-Chancellor and Principal

I am proud to say that Birmingham is a truly global University. 3,000 current Hong Kong residents have studied at Birmingham. Your connection to the University is clear. Thank you for the generosity with which you volunteer your time to support current students, and your generous donations for bursaries, scholarships and research programmes.

The Hong Kong Foundation’s ambition is to expand these connections and to deepen our collaborations. The Foundation is developing well-established research partnerships, focusing on medical and environmental programmes that benefit Hong Kong and the wider region. Foundation-funded Geoffrey Ma Scholarships ensure the best and brightest students can study at Birmingham, no matter their circumstances.

Travelling around the world to meet our alumni is always a great privilege. You represent the very ethos of what irmingham is all about; bold, ambitious, and forward-thinking. I know that with your help, the Hong Kong Foundation will continue to flourish.