The difference you can make

Together we can offer Hong Kong’s brightest students the chance to make the most of their talents and fund research that benefits Hong Kong and the wider world.

By supporting the Hong Kong Foundation today, you can help take our special relationship to new heights.

Unleashing potential through scholarships

MichaelOur alumni have already supported a number of scholarships for exceptional students like physiotherapy student Michael So to study at Birmingham: 'The scholarship helps me with fees, living costs and travelling within the UK to learn about the culture. Without it, I probably couldn’t have come to Birmingham,' says Michael.

Now, with your support, the Hong Kong Foundation has a golden opportunity to expand essential financial support for talented students from Hong Kong. The Geoffrey Ma scholarships, which recognise the Foundation’s first Honorary President, will unleash more of the potential of Hong Kong's young people. The number of new students coming to Birmingham from Hong Kong has increased by 25% since 2017. Together, we can help many more talented students follow in your footsteps at Birmingham.

Exchanging knowledge between Birmingham and Hong Kong

From creating new cancer-killing drugs, to helping Hong Kong’s sports coaches to inspire the next generation of sportsmen and women: the exchange of knowledge between Birmingham and Hong Kong is already having a huge positive impact. With your help, the Foundation can fund more exchange partnerships between Birmingham and Hong Kong to accelerate joint research programmes, start new collaborations and ensure we make an even greater global impact together in future.

Improving mobility and inspiring leadership

Our Pathways to Birmingham programme supports students from disadvantaged communities in the West Midlands. In 2018 and 2019, the programme funded 25 students to travel to Hong Kong for a Global Leadership Programme at HKU and to meet senior alumni. With your support, the Foundation could expand this programme, so that more students can travel to Hong Kong to develop their leadership skills and cultural awareness, and be inspired by meeting successful alumni like you.