Employability for International Students transcript

International students talk about how to make yourself more employable and how the University supports your career development

Title: Employability for International Students
Duration:  2.42 mins

S1 One part of being a university student is obviously to think about what happens afterwards. To make this decision you can go to different career fairs where you can talk to people from industry, academia etc, to find your way but besides that to improve your CV you can take lots and lots of different workshops which are offered by the careers centre for example, how to learn to write a CV to start off with but also to improve your presentation skills, for example. 

S2 There is a careers centre available at the University which can help you from the very beginning how to write your CV and cover letter up to possibilities to find internships and jobs.

S3 The University is constantly in touch with the companies and we keep getting representatives from the different companies who come here and deliver talks and even in seminars, they tell us about what the career is like for the company in general in the UK, and what companies are looking for in the employment.

S4 The University also has a personal skills award, the PSA team which is – actually I joined the PSA team so my classes are going to start really soon. I mean, I’m really excited because it helps you to develop like different skills that are needed for you in the future.

S5 I’m working for ISAS now which looks good on my CV because employers really like people who volunteer during their studies.

S6 I went for several workshops during my years of studies on the PhD and I’m still going and currently being in the third year of a PhD. I’m starting to use this careers services even more in terms of advice on the CV. One of the greatest services which is available on campus is the job zone. Job zone is a student organisation which is advertising vacancies, part-time vacancies, for students; so as a student, sometimes it’s very very important that you get a part time job and this is a brilliant, brilliant organisation, which helps students to do this.

S4 My advice to a potential student is to take part in as many activities as possible. The University of Birmingham offers you a wide variety of workshops, volunteering work or skills awards. However, I think it’s your responsibility to take as many chances as possible to achieve what you want in the future.