Where will Chemistry at Birmingham take you video transcript

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What does chemistry mean to you? White lab coats, test tubes and Bunsen burners, think again. 
[Staff/students conducting experiments in laboratories]

Chemistry is finding real world solutions to global challenges such as sustainably living on our planet. [Nuclear power plant chimneys smoking]. At Birmingham, we are developing ways to replace and recycle critical elements. [Car being refuelled] And we are finding ways to reduce the ecological impacts of everyday materials. [Plastic waste being sorted by machinery] And chemistry is designing new medicines and improving health care.

[Laboratory experiments]
At Birmingham, we are developing molecular scale diagnostics to improve early cancer detection, and we are overcoming drug resistance for diseases such as tuberculosis.

[Bulb lighting up]Chemistry is finding new ways to harness energy. [Smart phone being charged] We are discovering new battery technologies to power our future.

[Laboratory experiments]
Sound interesting? At Birmingham, our degree courses allow you to explore these exciting areas of chemistry for yourself. Taught by our world-leading researchers, we have been producing Nobel Prize winners for over a century. We have a supportive and inclusive chemistry community that includes ChemSoc, our chemistry students society. We recognise the importance of chemistry. That's why we have invested over $100 million in chemistry at the University of Birmingham. So when you join us, you'll have access to state of the art labs, such as our collaborative teaching laboratory [interior of collaborative teaching laboratory], and on new purpose-built home the chemistry in the molecular sciences building [computer design image of the Molecular Sciences Building].

How about adding to your degree with industrial experience, or studying abroad for a year? [Laboratory experiments] We've got you covered with a wide range of key industrial placement opportunities, including the pharmaceutical industry, food, consumer products and energy, to name a few. [Rotating globe] Or a chance to study in many countries throughout the world, from Singapore [Singapore skyline], to the United States [USA skyline with flag] and Australia [Sydney harbour aerial view], your degree will open the door to many opportunities and career choices [graduates throwing hats in the air] such as drug design and development [tablets on production line], developing new energy technologies [car being driven on road], or designing environmentally friendly products [plastic bottles on production line]. Are you ready to take the next step? Start your journey today. [visit www.birmingham.ac.uk/chemistry-UG].