Morgan Sindall Internship at the Molecular Sciences Building

Duration:  2:47 minutes


[Voiceover from Haripreeth Iyer]
My name is Haripreeth Iyer and I’m studying this course at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

I’m born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I did my undergraduate degree there. My family is all settled and is from Mumbai. My whole education, my whole schooling was done in India itself.

There’s no other place than the United Kingdom to learn architecture and civil industry. As soon as I got here, I saw this project that was under development, and I had this interest to do a site visit for this project.

I got the connection of the senior project manager and from there, he was moved by my interest, organisation skills and communication skills, and he recommended me for this programme.

This internship is for six months, so I’m here until the end of September. My day was always shifting between departments so that I can get an all-round experience.

It makes you more curious about things, it makes you more excited to learn new things.

All the communication that I’m having with people is the most exciting thing about the internship. You take their personal experience and insights with you, which is invaluable.

The way everyone has opened the doors of opportunity to me – it’s very heart-warming. When you get that inclusiveness in an environment, your confidence, and the way you approach people is very open and it’s very natural. You don’t hesitate your natural flow.

So I feel like it’s really a good start for me, being a part of Morgan Sindall and getting this project in hand.

The inner student in me that always looks forward to learning things will be alive with these kinds of opportunities.

I feel very energetic, I feel very happy. I feel like I made the right choices so far, so I’m looking forward to keeping making the right choices that can help me to achieve the things that I really look forward to.

This industry has a lot to offer. I’ll say that if you have the passion, if you have the heart to make into this industry, it will be always welcoming towards you.

So explore, follow your heart and have the intentions at the right place, it will click.

[Following text on screen]

Haripreeth is continuing to excel in his role at the Molecular Sciences Building project…

…and he’ll finish his internship in September, whilst studying at the University of Birmingham.

Search ‘Morgan Sindall Careers’ for more information

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