MSc Space Engineering at Birmingham video transcript


1:31 minutes. Video on YouTube.


Blue space-themed titles appear on screen with the video title:'MSc Space Engineering at Birmingham'.

The video is cut with talking head footage and stock footage clips of space engineering related clips.(Dr Leah-Nani Alconcel, Course Lead)

My name is Dr Leah-Nani Alconcel. I am an associate professor of Space Engineering. I'm also the course lead for the new MSC in Space Engineering.

This programme has been designed for new graduates in STEM disciplines and for professionals who wish to reskill or upskill in order to enter the labour market in the space industry.

The programme has three unique selling points: the first one is materials and manufacturing for space, the School of Metallurgy and Materials has a heritage of research in developing advanced materials for aerospace and space applications, in both the civil and defence sectors. The second is in the space environment and radio engineering.  And the third is a hands-on approach to spacecraft design, focused on the CubeSat form factor.

Our programme has been informed by our industrial advisory board and our industrial partners are either very experienced in the space sector or have recently begun to invest in space research and development projects. They have identified skills gaps in the labour market, so our programme is designed so that when our students complete their studies they can target those gaps.

University of Birmingham, School of Metallurgy and Materials lock-up appears on screen with the following link:
Space Engineering MSc