ATETA Case Study - Voltempo Transcript

Title:               ATETA Case Study - Voltempo

Duration:        2.54 mins


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[TEXT: ATETA has  supported over 170 businesses in the West Midlands, including Voltempo.]

[Michael Boxwell, Group CEO, Voltempo Limited.] Voltempo is about the next generation of electric vehicle charging. So that means that we've got to be able to charge the car from flat to full  in around six minutes, about  the same as putting fuel into an existing car. 

What makes us different from everybody else is we created a centralised electric vehicle charger and then we split the power out to multiple vehicles.  

[TEXT: What expertise does ATETA offer?]

[Evelyn Phoenix, Business Engagement Officer.] ATETA has a team  of nine research fellows that sit in our group, they all come from different engineering  disciplines, so we have chemical engineers, we have mechanical engineers, the idea is that they're able to provide their area of expertise to a company. 

We also have lab availability so we're able to do physical testing for companies that want to understand a material that they're using or wanting to understand what their product produces.

[Dr Conghuan Yang, Knowledge Exchange Fellow.] My  name is Conghuan Yang, i'm the knowledge exchange fellow of ATETA. I specialise in supporting  businesses in the electrical and electronics area. Through ATETA projects I work together with Michael to provide technical support for the DC charging circuits as well as market analysis and outlook for their  6-minute EV product.

[Michael Boxwell] ATETA helps us hugely with our development, it's never been done before. We  take one centralised charger and split the power out to say 20 vehicles and we needed some design validation on that to make sure that that element of our system worked and that saves us an awful lot of time and awful lot of development costs. 

Later on when we were looking at how fast  electric vehicles are going to charge we actually built a battery that you could  charge from flat to full in six minutes, along the way we created the world's first electric vehicle that can charge in six minutes. So we asked ATETA to help us to look at what  are the applications for this and where could that be used.

[Conghuan Yang] We were happy to find that the projected market size of their product is huge and it is promising in applications such as emergency services and last mile delivery.

The outcome and the report of ATETA project actually helped Michael to win £1 million pounds of funding. 

[TEXT: How did ATETA help with partnerships?]

[Conghuan Yang] In this case Voltempo has built a long-term relationship with the University of Birmingham, they have also established a strong connection with Tyseley Energy Park.

[Michael Boxwell] ATETA  will allow you to stand on the shoulders of giants, so instead of struggling to do everything yourself  you have a team of researchers and academics behind you who can really help supercharge your business and get you to market quicker.

Petrol stations for today will be the EV charging stations of tomorrow we think we'll be at the front of that revolution. 

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