Introduction to ATETA

Title:               Introduction to ATETA

Duration:        2.46 mins


[Logo of University of Birmingham, ATETA, and European Regional Development Fund]

[Aerial shot of University of Birmingham campus and Old Joe clock tower]

[Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute] ATETA offers free support to SMEs across the West Midlands. We help businesses identify opportunities for clean energy innovation to drive business growth.

[Evelyn Phoenix, Business Engagement Officer] So many businesses can profit from adopting low carbon technologies, we work with clients specialising in infrared heating, electric vehicle charging and meal delivery services.

[Dr Lorelei Gherman, Buisness Engagement Officer] ATETA is part of the University of Birmingham's Energy Institute where our researchers are changing the way we deliver consume and think about energy.

[Professor Martin Freer] Through our program, SMEs can work with our academics, gaining access to our state-of-the-art laboratories to test innovative ideas.

[Evelyn Phoenix] So if you're a business keen to embark on the journey towards net-zero, our scientists and knowledge exchange fellows can help. We will work with you to develop sustainable energy-related products, services and practices

[Dr Lorelei Gherman] Our research team can support you with energy storage, industrial heat technology, sustainable cooling, low carbon transport solutions, energy from waste, and carbon footprint reduction - just to name a few.

[Evelyn Phoenix] We launched in 2017, since then we've supported over 170 businesses across our region and together generated a net income of over £25 million for our local economy.

[Dr Lorelei Gherman] Now we want to help and support your business, solving your innovation challenges, creating new business opportunities and ultimately increasing your productivity.

[Evelyn Phoenix] ATETA is great, not only for local companies but also for our scientists who love to work with businesses to translate their research into everyday solutions that boost our economy.

[Michael Boxwell, Group CEO, Voltempo Ltd] ATETA will allow you to stand on the shoulders of giants, so instead of struggling to do everything yourself, you have a team of researchers and academics behind you who can really help supercharge your business and get you to market quicker.

[Matthew Billington, Managing Director, Jigsaw Infared Solutions] The business has grown significantly since we started talking with ATETA, it's not just about the single report that gets written or the single project you work on, it's constant communication with them, further projects that could be happening, I definitely recommend them. They've been excellent.

[Professor Martin Freer] Our aim is to keep improving the flow of knowledge from the university to businesses and vice versa, helping incubate new companies here at Tyseley Energy Park that will reallybenefit from clean energy innovations on their journey to net-zero.

[Group of staff members standing and similing at the camera]

[Logo of University of Birmingham, ATETA, and European Regional Development Fund]