Introduction to Tyseley Energy Park

Title:               Introduction to Tyseley Energy Park 

Duration:        1.42 mins


[Aerial shot of a dual carriage way]

[Logo of University of Birmingham Energy Institute, Tyseley Energy Park]

[Professor Martin Freer] We're here at Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham.

This is a place which has a long history which goes back 300 years to the beginning of the industrial revolution, where a company called Webster and Horsfall have turned over their land to develop a place which brings together waste processing, clean energy production, and low emissions low carbon transport.

On the site here we have the UK's largest hydrogen refuelling station which will be servicing 20 buses for the City of Birmingham, providing clean transport for the citizens of Birmingham coming up to the Commonwealth Games. We've also developed a biomass plant which takes wood waste across the region, converts that wood waste into green electrons which feed activity on this energy park.

Behind me, we have the Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre which is taking all of the advanced research that we do at the University of Birmingham locating it in this energy park to drive innovation in our energy system.

[Logo of University of Birmingham Energy Institute, Tyseley Energy Park