Where can a degree in Biomedical Science take you? Jess Tierney

I'm Jess, I graduated from Biomedical Science at Birmingham in 2015. I'm now an account manager at Random42.

Random42 is a scientific communication company, so we produce animations and disease education videos for pharma companies. My main responsibilities are developing new client relationships and driving new business growth.

As an account manager I'm usually involved in the initial stages of projects like create project proposals and deliver capabilities. The thing I love most about my job is that I'm still able to work in the science field, which is what I was always passionate about, but in a more creative environment. This area of work is constantly changing and growing as technology advances so it's always exciting.

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in science and do a degree in science because it's what I always loved at school. I went to loads of different uni open days but I loved Birmingham because I loved the Medical School setting and I liked that they offered such an extensive range of modules and I also thought it was really great that you got to gain hands-on experience in labs because a lot of uni's didn't offer that. I think the biomedical course was so extensive in terms of modules that you would find that you enjoyed some more than others.

I'd encourage people to use the career service as much as possible whilst at uni, just to get a feel for what's out there, because I think a lot of Biomedical Science students think that they're limited to research or going into medicine and they don't actually realise the vast amount of careers available to them. I found my current job through a LinkedIn recruiter. It's a field of science I didn't even know existed before they advertised the job to me so I would encourage final year Biomedical Science students to get their LinkedIn profile set up so you can see what's out there.

I think for me it was finding what was most passionate about and following that, especially in the final year research project. I gained skills that I would have been able to transfer into whatever career I'd go into, but for me the main thing was that I became confident in my own ability and pushed myself to get into a career that I would enjoy and be interested in.

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