Benefits of being a home student transcript

Benefits of being a local student at the University of Birmingham

Title: Benefits of being a home student
Duration: 1.15 mins

S1 There are lots of benefits of being a local student.  I think it takes a lot of the worry out of going to university.  I’ve found that a lot of my friends who live in Halls and live in their private housing, they seem to worry a lot about finance and landlords, housing, all sorts of things like that.  Whereas living at home, I have none of those worries and that frees up a lot of time for me so I can get my work done.  I still have time to go out – so it takes a lot of the worry off me.  It’s also beneficial because I already knew the University and the City in general before I came here so I didn’t have to get used to a new place when I arrived.

S2 I live in the suburbs of Birmingham, so I travel on the train.  It’s quite convenient for me because I live quite close to the train station and I can walk there and also Birmingham University has its own train station; so I can just get on and get off at Birmingham and it’s also quite cheap comparatively, in that you can get monthly passes or weekly passes and that's really convenient: you don’t have to keep buying tickets.

S1 I live literally a couple of miles away from the University just outside of Selly Oak and there are plenty of buses that come directly through Birmingham to the University; so there’s plenty of ways that I can get in.