International students talk about student life transcript

International students talk about what it is like to be a student at the University of Birmingham

Title: International Student Talk About Student Life
Duration: 3.18 mins

S1 If you need any support here as a student there’s a variety of services offered.

S2 During my first year two things were very helpful. As an international student I had a tutor and he really helped me regarding my course. I could ask him any advice regarding the modules and the books to choose, or whatever I wanted to ask him.   Secondly there is free English classes at lunchtime every day and I really like them because you could just attend them whenever you wanted.

S3 They were just so interesting because you meet lots of different international students who are also learning English as their second or third language.

S4 And there are also many tutors like personal tutors, student tutors, in the University so if you have any questions or issues there are people who can help you.

S1 There are other services like counselling service or the Guild of Students that will help you out with any problems.

S5 Another facility available on campus, especially important for international students is International Student Advisory Service which is helping students to deal with some of these issues – extending their visas or getting a new one.

S6 They helped me in my visa application form because when I wanted to get an extension they not only helped me out but they contacted the Home Office directly.

S4 I have joined their group in Facebook actually; so you can find many helpful things around. University offers many sport and language activities for a reasonable price. I took Spanish courses. It’s all a good way to socialise with people.

S6 I’ve joined the Science Society, that’s my favourite society and I normally try to attend all of those events and they are really good and exciting.

S5 I’m a member of the Sports Centre of the University of Birmingham so I am going for some sport activities over there at the gym and to the swimming pool.

S2 In the city of Birmingham there are a lot of bars. There is also a big shopping centre called the Bullring but as a student I’ve stayed a lot on campus because of the societies. There's a lot of social life going on, especially on Saturday night at the Guild.

S1 Besides university life and being a student there’s loads and loads of things to do in Birmingham. I myself am a member of a walking club of the Guild of Students and I’m also a member of a running club in Birmingham. But also if you’re not that into sport you can also go into the city centre, go to the theatre, go to different concerts and the Symphony Hall for example.

S5 Birmingham city offers plenty of opportunities to socialise and to spend leisure in a very nice environment and there are a lot of places of interest, a lot of things to see and a lot of things to visit. 

S7 And the sky are really blue here without any pollution.

S6 Birmingham is a really good place to spend three years.