BSc Applied Golf Management Studies  

Undergraduate students talk about their experiences of the Applied Golf Management Studies (AGMS) course and AGMS alumni discuss their work placements and careers after graduating.

Video Title: BSc Applied Golf Management Studies 
Duration: 6.14 mins

Speaker Names (if given):
 Sean Graham - undergraduate AGMS Student
S2 Matt Jones - undergraduate AGMS Student
S3 Andy George - BSC AGMS Alumnus, Director of Golf - MAchynys Peninsula Golf and Country Club
S4 Charlotte Stanton- undergraduate AGMS Student
S5 Charlotte Hope - BSc AGMS alumna, Forest of Arden, MArriott Hotel and Country Club
S6 Andy Griffiths -  BSC AGMS Alumnus, Andy Griffiths Golf

S1 So I was looking through courses and obviously saw the golf management course at Birmingham and, with the reputation of the university and obviously the chance to become a member of the PGA alongside that , once I was given the offer I felt I couldn't really turn it down to be honest.

S2 One of my friends was on the degree at the time and sort of put this in front of me and I fell for it straight away. It had everything I could have wanted in a degree and at the same time, it applied to the sport I love so this is perfect. It covers everything from business to psychology to equipment technology.

S3 I came across the AGMS degree one day and I thought 'Well this looks like the kind of thing I want to do. It’s going to provide a framework to a variety of topics that's going to help me go beyond just a coach and have a background to do something else”. So, following university, or even actually whilst I was at University, I got an email from the then Director of Golf at the time at Machynys offering me the role of Golf Services Manage. So that was before I'd even graduated, I think it was about January or February and it just shows the value of the degree and my hard work in placements. That led to my current job being Director of Golf at Machynys. Probably through the AGMS degree and the experience I'd already picked up at the club, the owners offered me the opportunity to take it on and now I'm responsible for the entire running of their golf department.

S2 The placements which we do as well, that's pretty great experience which not many other degrees get to offer you so that's probably the highlight, getting to go to all these countries and work.

S1 I'd have to say my first year placement would be my highlight so far. I went to South Wales and worked for one of the previous graduates of AGMS and had the best summer working in custom fitting, teaching, being part of an R&A event. It was just a really good summer.

S4 My first year work placement I worked at my home golf club and that was like development. I got involved with running the Junior Open. From that I was in touch with the County Development Officer and this led to in my second year, I was actually approached and asked, 'Was I sorted for the summer' and I was like 'No' and I was asked if I would come and work for a company and through that I was coaching in schools and organising events for the juniors which were quite successful and alongside that I was working with England Golf. We worked the launch of Get Into Golf which was at Canary Wharf. We set up outside the tube station teaching people how to putt and giving lessons. It was awesome. For my third year, rather than doing a placement, I think I'm going to be going straight into employment.

S2 This summer just gone I worked out in Oman at Muskat Hills golf and Country Club which is an unbelievable experience working in a culture out there in the Middle East. Weather was fantastic, I got a car, I got accommodation, I earned commission off all the lessons I taught. Whilst I was there the Golf Operations Manager and the Head Pro actually went on holiday or had weddings or whatever to go to so I was practically running the golf side of it, which was a big responsibility but, through what I've learned on this degree it's helped me and I managed to do it fine and, fingers crossed, who knows, get a job within their company - who knows.

S5 For my final placement I went to Forest of Arden (Country Club) where I was in operations so, again I was mainly in the shop. I did a bit of the junior coaching a bit of ladies coaching. I was helping in the coordination of golf days and I shadowed a lot of different people. So, one of the things that I took out from the placement is that people aren't going to just hand it to you on a plate, you have to keep asking. But the more you can get out of it the better and the more it'll help you just to get your foot in the door more than anything.

S6 In the golf world, once you start doing well, and you've got a great starting point right now on the AGMS degree, you can get a long way. So just getting out there and trying to do things, being on the radar of people, meeting important people in golf is definitely reachable for all of you. So of the volunteer coaching at schools, just to get out there is free experience. So the more experience you can have in a low-pressure situation where you're teaching school kids and not getting paid for it, definitely get involved.

S4 Volunteer in as much as possible. That's how I've got my opportunities and my placement. I got in touch with the right people and that's how I've led to being where I am now and it's set me quite strong for the future. I've had quite a few job offers and I'm not even half way through my third year. At the beginning of the year I was asked if I'd like to coach the Try Sport which is one of the classes that active lifestyles. So it's an 11 week course. We do some challenges indoors and then it moves outside on to the 3G pitches.

So what you do is, your hands are pulling it down and if you're doing it right you should sweep the tee. That's it, perfect. It's just showing that golf can be done everywhere.

S1 The golf themes, they really bring all the three years together I'd say. I've personally really enjoyed my time playing match play golf for the University. You get to play some good courses in the area for the University and also go to other courses round the country and play other universities at really good golf courses. I'd definitely recommend it for people who play good golf and want to keep doing that at university.

The job opportunities coming out of the university are so good I mean, we've just had an alumni talk where you've got guys who've been working at Pebble beach, who been to Dubai and Egypt and they’re all across the world now, and I just want to be part of that and I think this degree gives you the opportunity to do that.

I've had the best two years now that I've had so I couldn't really... I haven't got any negative points to give really; I've just enjoyed my time.