MSc Psychology

Tahani, a current student on the course, talks about studying on the MSc Psychology course and the opportunities it will provide for her career progression.

TitleMSc Psychology (click to view video)

Duration: 1.46 mins

Speaker Names (if given): S1 Tahani Baldwin, MSc Psychology student.

S1 So my name is Tahani Baldwin.

I'm an MSc Psychology student here at the University of Birmingham. So I'm currently doing a lot of research based modules in my degree. So because I did mine part time over two years it’s currently spread over those two years.

In my first year I was doing optional modules such as Youth Mental Health and compulsory modules such as learning how to conduct a literature review. In my second year, it's really centred around my dissertation. So I have two additional modules centred around that as well as the actual project itself, which will be due at the end of my degree.

I'm really enjoying the research based modules of it. I love research and academia, so doing this degree has been such a great pleasure for me. I've been loving it so far.

So I want to be an academic. I want to be a professor of psychology. So going to university is really great, not just for a Bachelors, but Masters has allowed me to get a lot more experience in research and be exposed to different disciplines and different staff members who have different disciplines, has allowed me to see what exactly I could do in the future and give me a fresher idea of what's to come after this degree.

I have a bit of leeway because I am doing a part time degree, but even then, with all my roles, sometimes having a balance with my studies and social life is difficult.

The best thing I do for that is I block off weekends to allow me to socialise with friends and go out. This is the same for evenings as well. I always have a strict time when I finish working at the end of the day and then I... a lot of societies and events take place during the evening when lectures are all done, so it's a lot easier to go out in that aspect.