Statements that best describe why the UK Government should give overseas aid (Figure 3)

Thinking now about why the UK Government gives aid to poor countries, which - if any - of the following statements, best describes why you personally think the UK Government should give overseas aid?

  • "Don't know" (18% respondents)
  • "Government should not give overseas aid" (17% of respondents)
  • "Giving aid is morally right" (16% of respondents)
  • "Good to help those who need it the most" (16% of respondents)
  • "Fight global diseases like Ebola and Zika" (10% of respondents)
  • "Fight terrorism and reduce conflict" (9% of respondents)
  • "Reduce migration" (7% respondents)
  • "Benefit UK business and create jobs at home" (5% of respondents)
  • "Secure better trade deals" (3% of respondents)

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