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They're coming home

Our cover stars are four alumni who graduated just five years ago, now working at the home of English football. They share how they use what they learned at Birmingham to help footballers and officials stay fit and recover from injury.

Alumni who work in football

Visions of the future

Two key treatments for eyesight; a contact lens that could correct colour-blindness, and simple eye drops for the leading cause of blindness, which can currently be only be treated by direct injections into the eye.


From the Drama department to Downton

Gareth Neame OBE (BA Drama and English, 1988) explains how he came up with the idea for, and executive producing, the international sensation Downton Abbey.

Downton-Abbey cast and crew

Also in this edition, read about the graduate who solves crime in Singapore, a space mission to search for new planets, and the contribution your University makes to the NHS.

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Old Joe goes digital

The launch in 2016 of a fully digital edition of Old Joe puts the University at the forefront of alumni communications, offering a greater variety of content and interaction with readers with exclusive videos, photo galleries and competitions. We also continue to produce a print edition once a year, supported by exclusive digital content.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the magazine, along with any suggestions for either web or print content that you'd like to see in future issues.

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