You can help refugee families find safety and security

I care about: Families fleeing violence, war and famine

What would it take for you to leave your home, your friends and everything you own, then put your family into an overcrowded boat? It's nearly impossible to imagine what forces someone to become a refugee. Yet communities throughout the UK are determined to offer a warm welcome.

Birmingham-in-SolidarityYou can help local community groups offer refugee families the emotional and practical support they desperately need. The goodwill and dedication is there; many even take people into their own homes. All they need is the tools to do it. 

Your support can help our academics work with these communities, to understand the challenges traumatised families face, and give community groups the knowledge to help refugees find healthcare, education and employment.

You could volunteer your translation skills, creativity or research expertise to support refugees:

  • Volunteer to translate our report on the refugee experience into Arabic, so the refugees who contributed to it can read the findings (10,000 words).
  • Translators, artists and creatives, you could make a big difference. Help translate our report on how COVID-19 has affected sexual and gender based violence against those forced to migrate (7,000 words, into Arabic, French and Turkish).
  • Artists/creatives, find innovative ways to bring migrants stories and our findings to a broad audience.
  • Graphic designers, help make this difficult subject easy to read for those who need to act on our findings. 
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