What Birmingham In Action means for academic and professional staff at UoB

I’m a member of staff: How can I get support and get involved?

As a member of staff, there are lots of ways you can both get and give support.

Thousands of staff, students and alumni joined together for the first ever University-wide photograph to celebrate the launch of Birmingham In Action in 2019. Were you there?

Aerial photo of large group of people in University of Birmingham's Green Heart

Staff volunteering allowance

The University is giving every member of staff an additional day of paid leave every year to volunteer for a cause that matters to you.

Staff at the University already volunteer many hours to support those in need, from helping charities to taking part in Junk Busters right here on campus. We want to help you do even more!

The extra day will form a central part of and be celebrated as part of the campaign, and is part of the University’s wider commitment to both the professional development of our staff and our civic responsibilities to our city and region.

Lee Sanders

Registrar and Secretary

“We are delighted to be able to offer colleagues one day each year to volunteer locally. As a signatory of the Civic University Agreement, this initiative recognises the valuable role that volunteering can play in supporting the communities in which our staff live and work.”

You can find out more on the University intranet.

Seek funding for your work

Could your research change a life, or make a difference to the world? Talk to us about the potential for funding.

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