Where do care leavers go when term ends? Make sure they can still live in halls when lectures are over

Give young people leaving care the support their parents can't

Parents play such a big role in helping young people succeed at university, giving them somewhere to live between terms, money for food and travel, a safety net if money runs out, help to move in and so much more. For many young people leaving care, missing out on this support can make university an impossibility.

Care leaversMany children whose parents were unable to care for them had disrupted and difficult childhoods, often without a stable education or a quiet space of their own for homework. Approximately only 12% of care leavers and care experienced reach university, compared to 50% of their peers, and they often face additional financial pressures. So if a care leaver is even considering university, they have proven themselves to be highly resourceful and resilient - they are more likely than other students to achieve a 2:1 or even better. They just need help to make it possible.

You could break down the practical barriers that prevent care leavers going to university

Care leavers have left their foster home or children's home by the time they are university age. So even if their grades are good enough to get in, they would have nowhere to go when their fellow students are packing up excitedly to go home at Christmas, Easter and summer. You can help ensure that care leavers have accommodation for 52 weeks of the year, support with food and books, and transport costs for interviews when they graduate.

Join those who support care leavers

'The Care Leavers scholarship provides dedicated support to one of the most vulnerable groups of students. I want all capable students to have the same opportunity and not be disadvantaged by circumstances out of their control. My gift is helping to ease the hardship many care leavers face, offering the stability they need to complete their degree. Please join me in supporting them.' Anonymous donor

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You could help young people who have grown up in care build the future they want, starting at £5 a month.

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You could become a mentor to a student who has grown up in care, whatever your experience, empowering them to overcome obstacles.

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